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Shimano Exsence 4000M XG

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Shimano EXSENCE C 4000M XG -The new Exsence is made using the newest high-end materials and technologies, resulting in a light weight but immensely strong reel.

The Exsence has an impressive list of features: Hagane Magnesium body, X-Protect, MGL Rotor, Micro Module Gear, 11 Shielded A-RB ball bearings and one piece titanium bail providing all the features to fish in rough salt water conditions with incredible ease and smoothness.

The combination of the Micromodule gear together with the G-free body results in a very strong and smooth running reel, which stays in balance while reeling in at high speed.

- X-ship

- X-protekt

- CI4 body

- Hagane Gear

- Linje Kap.: 0,25 mm / 160 meter
- Kullager.: 11 S A-RB + 1 Rollerbearing
- Utväxling : 6.2:1
- Vikt : 241 g.
Producent: SHIMANO
EAN: 0022255218214
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