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Daiwa 20 Legalis LT

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  • Daiwa 20 Legalis LT - With the 20' Legalis LT DAIWA once again impressively proves that silky-smooth working and highest toughness do not necessarily have to come along with great costs.

    The 20' Legalis series is also based on the well-established LT concept and offers highest quality standards at an incredible price-performance ratio.

    By shrinking the reel size and using the novel and innovative Zaion V material DAIWA succeeded at reducing the reel’s weight even further – as a consequence the 20' Legalis LT 2500 weights only incredible 205 grams!

    The Zaion V composite additionally contributes to an increased toughness and an improved transmission of the retrieving power.

    The Tough Digigear with enlarged drive gear is the key asset for the smooth running and utmost resilience. The ATD drag provides highest sensitivity and works without starting resistance.
    LT (Light & Tough)
    Zaion V® body
    5 ball bearings
    Zaion V® Air Rotor®
    ATD™ drag system
    Infinite Anti-Reverse®
    Aluminum Air spool
    CNC cut aluminum handle
    Hi-Grip handle knob

    Daiwa 20 Legalis LT 1000 5,2:1 - 0.14mm/150m - 180g
    Daiwa 20 Legalis LT 2000 5,2:1 - 0.16mm/150m - 185g
    Daiwa 20 Legalis LT 2500 5,3:1 0.20mm/150m - 205g
    Daiwa 20 Legalis LT 2500-XH 6,2:1 0.20mm/150m- 205g
    Daiwa 20 Legalis LT 3000-C 5,3:1 0.23mm/150m - 210g
    Daiwa 20 Legalis LT 3000-CXH 6,2:1 0.23mm/150m - 210g
    Daiwa 20 Legalis LT4000-C 5,2:1 0.28mm/150m - 235g
    Producent: Daiwa
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