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Daiwa 20 Airity LT

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  • Daiwa 20 Airity LT - The new Airity LT unites the extreme toughness and retrieving power of the MQ concept with the LT design.

    By using a lightweight Zaion body in combination with the MQ concept the DAIWA engineers succeeded in developing an extremely lightweight but nevertheless distortion-proof reel that ensures huge retrieving power and durability thanks to the MQ frame.

    The MQ design allows the implementation of an extra-large drive gear, which is literally made for the permanent and uncompromising lure fishing with braided lines and soft lures.

    The Tough Digigear offers highest sensitivity and cares for a silky-smooth running to detect even softest taps.

    The ergonomic Hi-Grip handle knob enables a secure handling even with wet hands.

    With the Airity LT series DAIWA once again sets a milestone regarding reel development, which meets even highest expectations when lure fishing for pike, zander, perch & Co.

    The Airity LT reels feature in total 8 ball bearings.

    Of these the sizes 1000/2000 comprise 3 "CRBB" ball bearings, sizes 2500/3000 comprise 4 "CRBB" ball bearings while size 4000 comprises 5 "CRBB" ball bearings.

    LT (Light & Tough)
    Zaion V® body
    MAGSEALED® body construction
    6 ball bearings
    Zaion V® Air Rotor®
    ATD™ drag system
    Infinite Anti-Reverse®
    Aluminum Air spool
    Screw in CNC cut aluminum handle
    Hi-Grip handle knob

    Daiwa 20 Airity LT 1000 160g / 5,1:1 / 0,20mm/150m

    Daiwa 20 Airity LT 2000 160g / 5,1:1 / 0,23mm/150m

    Daiwa 20 Airity LT 2500 185g / 5,2:1 / 0,28mm/150m

    Daiwa 20 Airity LT 3000-C 195g / 5,2:1 / 0,33mm/150m

    Daiwa 20 Airity LT 3000-CXH 195g / 6,2:1 / 0,23mm/150m

    Daiwa 20 Airity LT 4000 D-C 230g / 5,2:1 / 0,37mm/150m
    Producent: Daiwa
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