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Westin Great Heron 18 g - Bloody Metal

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Westin Great Heron - Great Heron is a lure designed according to Finnish lure traditions.

It was created and tested in cooperation with experienced anglers from Finland and Sweden.

Right from the very beginning it has proved to be a highly efficient lure ? not only for trout and salmon, but also for species like asp, perch and pike.

Great Heron can be retrieved fast or slow. Regardless of the speed it has a very vivid action that will trigger the bite. No wonder this lure has become one of the most popular lures in Scandinavia!

Lead free construction

Material: ABS plastic / Zinc

Hook: VMC 9649 BN

Hook size: #6 / #5 / #4

Stay On ? double split ring hook mount

Designed and developed in Scandinavia

Producent: WESTIN
EAN: 5707549321980
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