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Shimano Tekota A 600 HG LC

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Shimano Tekota A - The Tekota is a small sized SW boat fishing or and/or light trolling reel.

It describes it selves best as ‘a workhorse’.

The reel has a levelwind system which is easy for the angler to get the line spooled well on the spool. The reel is equipped with very strong gearing, 3 S AR-B bearings, a clicker system, Hagane Aluminum Body frame and optional a line counter.

The type of drag is a star drag, which is easy to adjust during the fight of a fish. Compared to the previous model, many things are new (body, looks, handle, gear ratio, drag power improved, weight slightly reduced, etc). Boat fishing, light SW trolling.

- Utväxling .: 6.:3.1
- Vikt (g) : 450 g.
- Kullager: 3 A-RB
- Lina/diam. (lb/yds) 16 LBS / 357 meter

- LC = räkneverk som anger längden i feet
Producent: SHIMANO
EAN: 022255216395
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