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WESTIN W8 POWERCAST-T 7,9 fot -60/180 g

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Westin W8 POWERCAST-T The go-to tool for hardcore Scandinavian pike anglers, this light, but powerful predator rod will handle any lure or big spinners and give you more than enough grunt to bring in your personal best.

Rod design and blank technology at highest level is exactly what this rod offer. Our designers set out to build the coolest rod on the market and came up with something Butch'n Sundance would have been proud to pull out. With its comfortable trigger handle, the Powercast-T is built from the very finest components and materials we could source and it's one of the lightest, most powerful rods you can buy.Try it. Use it for a day and you won't feel tired - just hungry for more.

Handle: Super grade cork handle
Reel Seat: Fuji® SKTS, hand painted in Fe2O3Iron Oxide color
Guides: Fuji® SiC LN-Frame
Blank: High Performance Carbon for superioraction, ultimate sensitivity, light-weight and maximum strength
Blank color: Hand painted in Fe2O3Iron Oxide color (each rod is unique in color pattern)
Custom made rubber gimbal, non-slippery
Quattro cross carbon reinforcement in handlesection
360° custom designed screw-down hoodwith 1K woven carbon reinforcement ' ProWrap? low-profile guide wrappings
Delivered in Pentagon Cordura tube
EAN: 5707549442227
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