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Savage Gear 3D RAD - 20 cm/32 g - Golden Albino

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Savage Gear 3D RAD - är en imitation av en rat som simmar på ytan.

Grymt roligt ytbete som storgäddorna kastar sig över!

The 3D Rad is having a really hard time now during its test phase trying to avoid the greedy spring pike and its not very succesfull to be honest… Mads shows one of the many pike that smashed our cute little rodent during an evening session. RADical fishing!

The 3D Rad is based upon a 3-dimensional scan of an actual rat for true-to-life detail.

The body of the bait features dual joints to swim with supreme realism. Front legs are also jointed, breaking up the rigidity of the bait and furthering an incredibly natural look.

Two line tie positions offer differing presentations. Connected to the upper line tie, the 3D Rad swims just subsurface, body fully immersed, offering a strong visual presence.

Connected to the lower line tie, the bait rides higher, on the surface, putting off an amazing wake while swimming with a fluid, lifelike action.

Producent: Savage Gear
EAN: 5706301583147
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