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Scierra Neopren Stretch Waders Stocking foot - XL

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Scierra Neopren Stretch Waders Stocking foot - Most comfortable neoprene wader ever • being extremely light, durable & incredibly stretchable.

• 100% super stretch deluxe CR neoprene fabric in 4.5mm
• 100% waterproof construction by new innovative tape technology allowing the tape to work perfectly with the super stretchy neoprene
• Taped both inside & outside for maximum security
• Great design and fit with rubber belt loop and wide neoprene wading belt with YKK buckle for comfort and support
• Deluxe front pocket design with water-repellent YKK zipper
• 2 D-rings for various tools• Elastic adjustable suspenders with slim modern YKK buckles
• Great inner pocket with zipper and mesh pocket
• Built-in durable gravel guards with corrosion-free lace hook
• Superior fitted 3.5mm neoprene socks with logo printed footbed
• Delivered with separate 100% waterproof camera/mobile bag
• Full range with short/long size versions for perfect fit
Producent: Savage Gear
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