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WESTIN PERCY THE PERCH HL - 10 CM/20 G - Bling Perch

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WESTIN PERCY THE PERCH HL - Small yet mighty ? Percy the Perch's harder brother is a big fish catcher with a serious attitude problem.

Designed to be a near perfect copy of the real thing, Percy has a fantastic swimming action that is so good, it will probably scare the life out of smaller silver fish in the area as well as attract the larger predators looking to make the hunter become the hunted.

The lure has a sharp and aggressive swimming style, which perfectly mimics a perch and also creates disturbance in the water to attract attention of hungry monsters.

Material: ABS Plastic
Lead free
Running Depth: 0,5 ? 2 m
Japanese-Style # 4 Carbon Steel Hook
Full wire-through body construction
Life-Like Lure
Ultra Sonic rattle balls
Integrated long cast system
Hand painted detailed colors
Producent: WESTIN
EAN: 5707549337318
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